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By childshill, Apr 12 2017 07:21AM

Following the recent committee meeting there are a number of items of news and notes

1. After a recent incident we now have to insist that all dogs are kept on leads at all times, this is both when on your plot and when walking around the site.

2. The society machinery is for sale – see attached list. It will be available for viewing this Sunday 16 April

3. There were a couple of thefts from sheds recently, if your plot borders the boundary please consider planting some prickly hedging to deter people coming in. Blackthorn, hawthorn and pyracantha work well.

4. There is one vacant half plot 26E and no takers from the wait list, so if you want some more space let Jo Goldsworthy know

5. The next plot inspection will be on Wednesday 19 April

6. A Working Party to cut back vegetation on the west boundary will take place on Saturday 6 May, meet at 11.00 at the boundary

7. Another complaint - someone has been defecating on and near the communal area at the north of the site, this is very antisocial as it smells and attracts flies. Now that there is a chemical Loo on site this should be used.

8. There will be another tea party on Sunday 11 June, more information nearer the date

9. The society should have a safety officer, a checklist of hazards to be looked out for is attached. If you would like to take up the challenge let me know.

Hope you all have a productive growing season


Hilary Burden

Secretary Childs Hill Allotments Society

020 8458 2870

07980 571086

By childshill, Feb 19 2017 05:17PM

I attach the first forms for this year’s AGM, which takes place on 19 March at a new time and venue. Nominations and motions by 4 march please


Hilary Burden

Secretary Childs Hill Allotments Society

020 8458 2870

07980 571086

Child's Hill Allotment Society

Annual General Meeting 2017

The Annual General Meeting of the society will be held on Sunday 19 March 2017 at 4.30pm, in the Carey hall of Claremont Free Church, 167a Cheviot Gardens, NW2 1PY.

The main business of the meeting will be to receive and discuss the committee’s report on the society’s activities since the last AGM, to discuss and vote on motions submitted by the members and/or the committee, to elect the committee for 2017/2018, to receive the accounts for 2016 and to note the rent and other charges for 2017.

This letter is to notify you of the date of the meeting and to invite you

a) to submit motions for discussion and

b) to nominate candidates for election to the committee.

The procedure for submitting motions and nominations are given below. They should be sent to the secretary by Saturday 4 March, via the shop letter box, in person if you see her on site, or by post or hand to 53A Nant Road, NW2 2AL. A nomination form is enclosed with this notification.

Submission of motions

Our constitution includes the rules for submitting a motion, as follows

 Motions must be sent in writing to the secretary twenty-one clear days before the meeting.

 Each motion must be accompanied by the name, address and signature of the member who is proposing it.

 A member’s request may be accompanied by a statement which shall not exceed 1000 words and this statement will be sent to all tenant members with the notice of the meeting.

Committee election

The committee consists of eight elected and two co-opted members. The members of the committee will appoint a chairman and other officers from among their number. Our constitution includes rules for the election, as follows:

 The chairman of the society shall act as returning officer.

 Tenant members may nominate themselves or other tenant members for election.

 Nominations must be proposed and seconded.

 Nominations must be countersigned by the nominee indicating their willingness to stand

 Nominations must be received in writing by the secretary at least twenty-one clear days before the meeting.

 If there are fewer nominations than vacancies, then all candidates are elected without a ballot.

 If there are more nominations than vacancies, there shall be a secret ballot using ballot papers prepared in advance by the secretary.

 The count shall be conducted by the chairman assisted by a minimum of two scrutineers. Scrutineers shall be appointed by the meeting and must be neither candidates in the election nor members of the outgoing committee.

The closing date for submission of motions and committee nominations is Saturday 4 March.

The agenda and associated papers will be sent to you about a fortnight before the AGM, so that you will have plenty of time to consider any proposals prior to the meeting.

Felicity Drown, Chairman and Returning Officer

14 February 2017